Who We Are

Our team consists of passionate students divided in several modules, with each module having one leader who coordinates all members. Building a racing car in such a small amount of time with limited resources, it takes a lot of time and even more hard work to get the job done. The team only works when all students and their supervisors sacrifice their free time to the project. The main goal of the team is education and working in the team gives students a great opportunity to gain a lot of experience and qualifications. The students that participate in the team are mainly students from the Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics department of the University of Patras. However, since 2013 the team includes students from other departments, such as Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Economics and Business Administration.

What We Do

The members are divided in several modules/sub-teams, with each module having one leader who coordinates all members. Since 2014 the team operates under a new philosophy of resource efficiency. Design and materials are assessed in order to be not only environmentally friendly but also to have the best price to performance ratio.

This led to the adoption of an “out of the box” thinking and often the creation of highly innovative ideas, using non-conventional approaches in areas with established technologies and making use of novel manufacturing approaches, which contributes in developing excellent critical thinkers and future engineers. This mentality perfectly captures the spirit of the FSAE/FS competitions.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

Meet Our Team!

Team Coordinator

Baris Konstantinos


Fourtakas Nikolaos ( Electrical Director )

Chornos Kyriakos (Powertrain and Electronics Operator)

Veloudis Georgios

Sampatakakis Kyriakos

Gkrizis Christos

Anastasiou Alexandros

Papadopoulos Antonios

Perivolas Stamatis

Kampourakis Manos


Mparis Panagiotis (Technical Director – Chassis and Composites Operator)

Papastavropoulou Maria

Paliatsa Vivian

Tzirtzilaki Niki

Pantazopoulos Georgios

Chatzompoulos Efthimios

Vehicle Dynamics

Papaioannou Christos (Drivetrain Operator)

Papalexiou Alexandros (Suspension Operator)

Manitaras Dimitrios

Papamavros Andreas

Kolezakis Nikolaos

Papanaklis Georgios

Aerodynamics and Cooling

Mpekiaris Theodoros (Design Operator)

Stamatiou Stamatis (Aerodynamics and Cooling Operator)

Porevopoulos Nikolaos

Messinis Konstantinos


Tsamis Timoleon

Business Plan

Spetsieris Athanasios

Tsamis Timoleon

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