Characteristics Specifications
Length/Width/Height/Wheelbase (mm) 2845/1396/1170/1580
Track (front/rear) (mm) 1160/1160
Weight (kg) 215,5
Tires 18.0×7.0-10 Hoosier R25B slicks/18.0 x 6.0-10,
Hoosier intermediates
Wheels 7.0×10″, 3 piece aluminum rim with self-designed AL7075 center,
Suspension Double unequal length carbon fiber A-arms with direct acting,
Ohlins damper attached to the lower A-Arm
Brake rotors (front/rear) Floating, Cast Iron, hub mounted, 180mm outer diam.,
5 mm thick (front) 4 mm thick (rear)
Brake calipers (front/rear) ISR 22-048 OB four piston, 25mm piston dia.,radial mount / ISR 22-049 two piston, 25mm piston dia., radial mount
Chassis 5-piece aluminium panel monocoque
Battery Pack Energy 7,1 kWh at Nominal Voltage
Power/Torque 100 kW at 5500 RPM (limited at 80 kW)/240 Nm,
for 30 seconds
Transmission Student Designed Two-Stage Gearbox
Differential Drexler Limited Slip Differential
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