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Welcome to UoP Racing Team


Patras, Greece

Unleashing the future of Greek motorsport!


First to race, first to win

UoP Racing Team is the first and longest running Greek Formula Student team located in University of Patras. Founded in 2002 and supported throughout the years by the Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation, UoP Racing team members design, develop and manufacture high-performance racecars that compete in the Formula Student series around the globe, alongside hundreds of teams from all over the world






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Highlights from Past Races and Events

After 10 years of participating in Formula Student competitions and a lot of research in the evolution of motorsport, the team took the major and difficult decision to leave internal combustion engines, which marked the beginning of the “electric car era” for the team. Trying to keep up with the trend of the future, but also the spirit of Formula Student competition that promotes innovation, the team’s 4th racecar is not only the team’s first electric-powered racecar, but also the first Formula Student type racecar with an electric motor manufactured in Greece. UoP4e incorporates all knowledge and experience from the three previous UoP Formula Student racecars, namely a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and 10” wheels. 


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